On the Juniper Journey.

On the Juniper Journey.


Oh, what an exciting month it has been since I last sat here trying to think of what to tell you all; I’m hoping by this point we haven’t lost your attention. I know it can get a little dry reading a blog where the writer tells you to “keep reading, I promise something will happen soon”, but honestly please stay with us. It really is starting to get exciting now, let me give you a round-up.

We started the Month by finishing the fit-out phase of the Distillery, all the workbenches, flooring, and equipment were installed. Then came the inspections and certifications from Building, Planning, and Environmental Health (Happy to say we got the green light on all of them). Finishing the month on a high with the first official production run of Igneous West Highland Dry Gin, Hooray!

The Distillery is completely finished internally (apart from four doors that need glossing… my least favourite job and somewhat ironic coming from an ex-painter and decorator), it finally looks and feels like somewhere we can be proud to say we produce our Gin… which we now officially do. The first Distillation came at the end of a long couple of days of getting our ducks in a row, but we are pleased to say all went well and the smooth, Juniper forward spirit is safely resting in its vessel ready to be bottled.

It was a surreal moment that Katie and I shared as we delicately measured out our unique mix of Botanicals and positioned them into our Still, ready for the spirit vapour to pass through them on the journey up through the column of the still.

Powering up the still for its first Pot Distillation of our recipe brought a few minor hurdles which added to my nerves but we navigated the issues and the Gin started to flow. At the end of the day, we had the Gin, our flavour profile is there, the aromas are delightful and all we can do is hope you love it as much as we do; but even if you don’t, at least appreciate the craft and care that has gone into making something authentic that we are proud of.

The final pieces are now dropping into place, we have received part of our Stopper supply and are hoping the remaining arrives soon (they are beautiful and are something to behold on their own). The labels will arrive next week, then as soon as we get the final go-ahead from Highland Councils Licensing Board, we will be dropping the flag and letting you all know that our Gin will be live on our website to purchase. This is still looking to be back end of August but I’m hoping by the time I next write a blog to you; it will be to say “Have you got a bottle?”

Thank you again for following our journey, I have to admit I’m starting to enjoy telling our story. I never thought I would be a blog writer but I suppose when you’re talking about something you're proud and passionate about it becomes a pleasure.

See you again in a month.

Miles and Katie x