The Road Less Travelled

They say location is everything and when it comes to Igneous Gin we couldn't agree more. To find us just head west... then keep on going until you can't go any more. For we distil in one of the remotest places in Scotland, the UK’s most westerly mainland point to be precise. While patience may be required to reach our home within the Ardnamurchan peninsula, you can be sure that the beautiful landscape you find means that perseverance always pays off.

Never Ever Ordinary

Many millions of years ago, the erupting of a volcano birthed the land on which our business is built. It's certainly not the average location for an endeavour like ours but that's exactly why we like it. We, Miles & Katie, founded Igneous Distillery with the rallying cry of Never Ever Ordinary. A phrase that perfectly encapsulates our approach to life and drives everything we do.

Never settling. Always seeking out interesting things. Operating with positivity and curiosity. That's the Igneous spirit.

And while our distillery might be new, it acts as a continuation of a close family relationship with this tight knit Ardnamurchan crofting community. Igneous is proud to honour the legacy of Miles' parents who ran their much loved antiques business from this very location. From a life devoted to treasured curiosities of the past we proudly start a new story as we bring a vibrant new Scottish spirit to life.

Igneous Studio

Last year, when we were deep in the process of creating our beautifully crafted custom bottle we hit a bit of a snag, as the company we were using to manufacture them went out of business without warning. We thought all was lost, that is until we revisited our founding mantra - Never Ever Ordinary.

If they can't complete the job for us we thought, it's time we took matters into our own hands. From this initial setback we founded Igneous Studio - our very own ceramics workshop where Katie now spends her days blasting our own bottles in our beloved new kiln. By creating our own bottles in-house we're making our small batch distilling process even more personal, ensuring that each and every bottle of Igneous Gin is crafted with the upmost care both inside and out. A true labour of love that we hope you enjoy drinking as much as we treasure creating it for you.

West Highland Dry Gin

Igneous West Highland Dry Gin, is a distinctly clean and crisp Juniper forward gin with aromas of floral heather, zesty lemon and complemented by fruity Rowan Berries.

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