Writing the Christmas List.

Writing the Christmas List.

It's nice to welcome you back!


Our loyal readers have encouraged me to get this blog done on time this month after last month's late entry. I always find it incredibly encouraging to see people saying they enjoy reading about our crazy adventures each month and what we will do next.

Since I last wrote a few weeks ago there has been a definitive shift towards getting ready for Christmas. I am currently perched on a box in the Distillery keeping an eye on the still whilst the charming sounds of trickling gin pour into a collection vessel pleasing the senses. Batch 4… this will be a large part of our Christmas stock unless all of you lovely people decide that actually, the FC has decided that Igneous Gin is the gift for 2023 and we sell out. (Hint Hint... this is where in my head I'm singing that famous Mariah song, all I want for Christmas is Gin sales)

I have been up at the Distillery for the last two weeks to try and get things stacking up and also because we have a little festive treat for you all. I've popped a few hints around social media, but I'm hoping we will be in a position to show you all around the second week in November so keep your eyes peeled. Following our Never Ever Ordinary mantra we again are striving to do something else to make us stand out from the crowd and give our customers a little bit of something special.

I also have to give a mention to all our new stockists! We have been inundated with requests to get our gin into shops, restaurants, and hotels from all over the country. It's now available from Stornoway to Knutsford and beyond. Gradually heading south, hand-picking the right places for our special gin.

In the last blog I touched on a show stand that we are starting to get sorted and I think I have just managed to settle on the central piece. Sadly the guys who were helping me design the first version have had to bow out due to work commitments, however it has given me a fresh set of eyes to come up with a design that is more brand-oriented whilst still hopefully looking epic and eye-catching. Let's wait and see, I'm aiming to have it ready in time for our first Christmas fair which we are attending at White Sykes Field at Sand Hutton just outside of York on the 26th of November. It's going to be fantastic and if you're local I'd highly recommend checking It out and popping by to say hello! My next blog will hopefully come just after then so I'll be sure to update you on how it went.

It has taken me so long to get this typed out that the still has now moved from the hearts cuts (the best bit that makes our gin) over to the tails cut (the bit we recycle as it has aromas of burnt fruit and off notes). Hugely satisfying when you see a collection vessel full to the brim of the most amazing smelling spirit carrying all those oils from our botanicals, with an ABV of over 82% It will now rest for the next two weeks until I cut it back to bottling strength of 40% ABV using our volcanic water and run it through Johnny 5 (sorry – daft nickname for our volumetric filler) to fill each bottle.

Anyway, distillery tour over. I hope you all have an exciting and fun-filled rest of October and through to the end of November when I will be back with more chat about our goings on.


Miles and Katie x