A New Spirit Rises.

A New Spirit Rises.
Hello, Miles here.

Today is a very exciting day at Igneous Gin HQ as we launch our new brand and website to the world. Myself and Katie have been working on realising the dream of bringing our new distillery to life for quite a while, and today is the start of that journey.

Like many journeys, especially those around the twisty single track roads of Ardnamurchan, it’s not all been plain sailing. But staying true to our founding mantra of Never Ever Ordinary, it will take more than a few bumps on the road to push us off track.

For we’re based in a far off place, the UK’s most westerly point to be precise. What’s more, our little distillery building is situated within the crater of an extinct volcano from which we draw the very purest Scottish water filtered through layers of igneous rock.

Today we had hoped to launch our delicious gin, which is housed in a unique & beautiful custom bottle inspired by the rock formations from which our name comes, however the universe had other plans.

As we were about to take delivery of our sample bottles towards the end of last year, we found out that the historic ceramics company we were working with had ceased to be - several hundred years of trading wiped out in a flash by a crazy increase in electricity prices. We were devastated, but determined to find a way forward. Inspired by our Never Ever Ordinary mantra we realised the only way to control our own destiny was to make our own bottles. So we decided to start Igneous Studio our very own ceramics workshop from where we are currently getting to work to bring this bottle to life.

So today, we proudly launch our distillery to the world as we want to let you in on the journey, with all of the interesting stops along the way. We’ll be updating our site and socials with the latest news as Igneous Gin comes to life. As we prepare to launch for sale late summer, we hope you might join us on the road less travelled, as from the volcano a new spirit rises.

Miles & Katie x