Igneous Studio.

Igneous Studio.

Welcome Back! 

We marked yet another major chapter in our story, with the arrival of Teine ‘tyen-uh’ our Kittec Gas Fired Kiln. In this instalment we wanted to tell you all about the inner workings of Igneous Studio and how it came to be; make sure you follow us on our social media channels to see the various stages in the process and the glorious end results. But first… Teine ‘tyen-uh’, She sits front and centre in our Igneous Studio, where Katie hand crafts each and every stoneware bottle that we use to hold our precious crystal clear Igneous West Highland Dry Gin.

The Igneous Studio itself has been formed from scratch and has been designed around the process in which Katie uses to create our bottles; making us completely unique in the craft gin market as the only Distillery to make its own bottles in house. We use no third parties, Katie makes the bottles and I distill the Gin.

This part of our story was never originally on the cards as we had planned to use a centuries old ceramics company in Stoke-On-Trent to make our beautiful bottles, but in a soul destroying series of events this never came to fruition as the company sadly became the victim of the pandemic and rising energy costs.

We were forced back to the drawing board to sit and revisit our values and skillset. With our mantra Never Ever Ordinary ringing in our ears we looked at it from a new angle and decided, after a lightbulb moment, that Katie could return to her days doing art and ceramics at A-Level and use this as a strength to control our own supply chain.

After hounding various contacts for advice, training, bottle testing, months of research, gathering equipment and preparing the Igneous Studio; it all culminated in the arrival of our beautiful kiln.

So from here we look forward to showing you how we create our delicately crafted stoneware bottle, before they make their way to the Igneous Distillery to be paired with their Gin counterpart. Creating a union of two elements that in craft gin would seem to be fairly standard, but rest assured what you hold in your hand and enjoy however you see fit, is Never Ever Ordinary.

Miles & Katie x